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Meet Arlene + Samantha

Interior Concepts’ principal Arlene Critzos and her colleague, Samantha Sopp-Wittwer, design stunning spaces in every style.

I live in…
ARLENE: A complex balance of European traditional and clean transitional styles.

I obsess over…
SAMANTHA: All things beautiful and how they are designed. No time period is excluded. Each yields endless inspiration.

What famous person’s home would you love to design?
SAMANTHA: Marie Antoinette’s. I am completely enamored with the grandeur of the past, from the clothes they wore to the homes and gardens they built. They are nothing short of wondrous.

Name a favorite design trend.
SAMANTHA: Wallpaper and its ability to add impact, drama and depth to any given space.

What is your favorite color combination and why?
ARLENE: All natural colors with punctuations of bolder colors.

What’s your favorite go-to dish to cook?
ARLENE: As an Italian, of course, pasta prepared 100 different ways.

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