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I decided to write this post after I worked out this morning and Lord….that WO almost killed me.  I am the oldest person in class…..feels like I am always the oldest person everywhere these days:) and I just do the best I can and push it as hard as I can.

But seriously……whew!

Anyway it was a busy week of trying to stay on top of everything with my projects!  If you follow me on Instagram you can just stop reading right now….haha…..just scroll down to the brownie recipe!  

This will just be a repeat of what I have been posting lately.

I went to get some things framed and I usually go to Fast Frame on Piedmont Road.  They do a great job and are very helpful.

Can’t wait to pick up this bad boy!  

On Tuesday I had 6 pieces of furniture delivered to a client and 3 rugs!  That was fun seeing everything put in place….just a few more pieces to the puzzle….

This rug really warmed up the joint!

I got 2 chest to go on either side of the fireplace….we are going to get the surround made a little darker.

A pretty Bungalow 5 desk that we are using in a bathroom for a makeup counter!

This Arteriors Home bench which will be recovered in a pretty Schumacher fabric!

In the foyer this Woodbridge chest which will get a mirror over it!

And 2 Charles Stewart swivel chairs!  Everything needs pillows!

Another client had her Brazilian Cherry floors redone and they look SO much better!  All that red gone.  

And the hardware that we selected was installed.  The Jasper pull from Emtek in polished nickel.

And these in her master bath are from RH.  I have the same ones in my kitchen and have had them for many years!

Another client had her ceilings painted…such a pretty color.  SW Sandew

This is the sunroom but I can’t remember what this color is…..

And last my friend stays with me on Tuesdays and she brought me a present….

How cute is this?  She got it at a store in Greenville SC called 4Rooms.

And she is one of my friends that is a really good cook!  You might be thinking that most of my friends are good cooks and you would be right!  A girl needs to eat:)

Let’s just say that she whipped up these brownies from scratch and they were ready in 20 min….

Here is the recipe straight from her:)

 Here is the recipe for my brownies.  There are two keys to these brownies:

 1.  Do not overcook!!!  I set the timer for 20 minutes and watch them.  The thing that makes these brownies great is that they are gooey.
 2.  I put less flour than it calls for.  (this adds to the gooey vs cake texture)

I made a half batch for us because Lord knows we couldn’t have had an entire pan of brownies in the house.

2 sticks of butter
5 tablespoons of cocoa ( I use a little less )
2 cups of sugar
4 eggs
1 ½ cups of flour
2 tsps vanilla

Melt butter and cocoa in a sauce pan.  ( I mix the entire thing in this one pan) Stir in sugar . stir in eggs quickly so that they do not cook in the warm butter/sugar mixture, stir in flour, and add vanilla.

Cook in 9×13 buttered and floured pan.  350 degrees for about 30 minutes.  Set timer for 20 minutes and watch.

Alrighty then…it’s 5:30 so I better publish this baby!



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