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Marc Castelli’s vivid watercolors evoke the lives of watermen on the Chesapeake with precision and atmosphere: Fishermen haul teeming nets onto boat decks; sloop-rigged racers heel into the wind; sailors work a schooner’s jib. The Eastern Shore-based artist’s portfolio perfectly complements Chestertown’s annual Downrigging Weekend Festival—and MassoniArt usually times an exhibit of his work to coincide with the popular parade of tall ships.

This year, though the weekend festivities have been cancelled due to covid, Castelli’s 2020 watercolor collection, “Shouting at the Wind,” is very much on view. The exhibit at MassoniArt can be enjoyed in person by private appointment through December 20. For those who prefer an armchair experience, an online video tour documents the exhibit. And in lieu of a well-received artist’s talk that typically takes place during the weekend, a video of Castelli providing in-depth descriptions of each piece is also on view.

Visit massoniart.com.

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