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OK….I can tell that we all like the fact that your existing furniture can find a place in your home mixed in with a few new items!


News Flash…..that has always been the case but so many designers come in a say “Dahling….this has all got to go”.  

Now there might be a few exceptions.  If you are a baby boomer and you still have your college dorm furniture…….we might have a problem……:)

But hey….today I am going to show you how to turn….what you might think would be a negative….. into a positive!

Starting with this small powder room.  Here is the before.

What you really can’t see is that the floors are a dark green marble.  No easy task to rip  out right?

This is a perfectly acceptable powder room….we have all seen so much worse right.  But….how can we make it better?????

Rose had the brilliant idea to just paint the walls the same color as the floors [BM Salamander].  Then we brainstormed and came up with the idea to do a gallery wall a la “how many small dark gallery walled bathrooms” can you find on Pinterest! 

And then…..we had to get it approved by the client because there was a lot of art to buy!

We started with flea markets…..


Found all of these great pieces so here we laid  them out for the installer….which took a few different attempts.

There is no window in this space so unfortunately I had to take all the pictures with the lights on….but you can actually see the cool modern fixture that Rose picked out.

Here is the original….

And after……

Another before

Same mirror….


A little styling.

A vintage rug for some texture on the floor.

One more time…..before


Fun huh?  

That is how to turn a negative into a positive! 
Rose and I were standing around clapping our hands like we just invented the cure for cancer….it’s the little things right:)

Ugh I was at the emergency vet last night until 1:00 with Cami.  She had a UTI.  I finally turned off the light at 2:30 so I have a long tired day ahead of me…..Zzzzzzz.

I still love her though:)



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